Ghost Hunters at Newsham Park Hospital Saturday 23rd April

Haunted Happenings Ghost Hunters at Newsham Park Hospital Saturday 23rd April

Before 1869, there was no institution in Liverpool for the support and education of the orphans of British seamen. The first move to establish such an institution was made by a group of leading Liverpool ship-owners in 1868.

The sponsors of the project comprised a group of ship-owners and merchants who for some time had been concerned how best to help the widows and families of deceased Merseyside men including those lost at sea. .On 9 August 1869, the Liverpool Seamen’s Orphan Institution opened in temporary rented accommodation in Duke Street, and by the end of that year there were 46 boys and 14 girls Newsham Park Hospital opened its doors in 1954. The hospital developed its own psychiatric department and received an influx of patients with severe mental problems.The hospital officially stopped taking new patients in 1988 and in 1992 all remaining patients and staff were relocated.In 1992 with the closure of Rainhill Asylum the inmates were moved to Newsham Park Hospital taking up 90% of its space and some £1.6 million was spent on the hospital so it could house its new patients. There are still notices posted on boards in the School block and paperwork in the property that are dated 1996. All records of patients and staff have been closed for 100 years from 1997 when the building was finally vacated of patients and staff.Reported sightings of ghosts include that of a small child on the top floor corridor and shadowy figures on Ward G. Visitors to the basements have reported an uneasy feeling and dragging noises have been heard from the Dining Room while nobody is there.

It was a great opportunity to investigate this amazing location our ghost hunters were looking forward to see what may still be lurking these long dark corridors!

During the night our hunters investigated mainly the kitchens,laundry areas,ward g and the naughty boys corridor all with some great activity for example in the laundry area guests reported being touched during a seance other guests witnessed shadow figures walking around one guest even witnessed what he described only a face and found that very unnerving The kitchens had a strange feel although mainly in this area we just had minor K2 responses however some of our ghost hunters did see what seemed to be a large dark figure walking around the room and also picked up on a young boy in the corridor who was frightened to come in to the kitchens!Table tipping was tried in ward g as a means of communication with some responses but we also tried a new experiment with some guests being blindfolded around a table while using a planchette spelling various different things some of which had connections with our ghost hunters in a all a very interesting experiment,all the while our ghost hunters were aware of a laser trip wire being activated in the adjacent room!Up in the naughty boys corridor a ouija board was used and the spirit of a young boy was picked up on and also that of a man who liked to lurk up and down the corridor in a strict controlling way!

In all it was a very active night with our ghost hunters experiencing many types of activity at this spooky location not forgetting some amazing photographs taken by the guests!

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