About Our Ghost Hunts

Join Haunted Happenings for a Ghost Hunting Experience at Newsham Abandoned Asylum and Orphanage in Liverpool

Ghost hunting at Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool really can change the mind of any hardened sceptic.  In fact many people who have attended our overnight ghost hunts at Newsham Park have left feeling completely confused by what they have witnessed.  Haunted Happenings believe that your experience is paramount and will do nothing whatsoever to attempt to change your mind or convince you that ghosts and spirits exist.  This abandoned asylum has it all, psychiatric wings, the naughty boys corridor, mortuary, cellars and so much more.  Many, many people have resided here for one reason or another and the essence of their journey is still very tangible to this day.  Newsham Asylum never fails to deliver on these ghost hunts, in fact the more we spend the night ghost hunting here the more energy is created.

It is our job to ensure that we provide the right conditions whilst ghost hunting and to give you every opportunity to discover this for yourselves.  Newsham Hospital never fails to disappoint though and nearly all of the hundreds of guests that have attended our events over the past few years have decided that Newsham Park Hospital really is one of the most terrifying ghost hunting locations that they have spent the night in.

We have endured many terrifying moments during our ghost hunting events, from objects moving to people being touched by unseen hands and apparitions being seen in some of the haunted areas.  Nothing surprises us anymore.  We carry out many experiments at Newsham Asylum including glass moving, table tipping, Ouija Boards, watch and wait vigils and experiments.  You will be using the most up to date ghost hunting equipment and working alongside the experienced Haunted Happenings Team.  You will have practical experience of all that we have to offer and what’s more you will be able to carry out your own mini ghost hunt as we give you free time throughout the event to put your new found ghost hunting experience into practice.

Our ghost hunts are always a fascinating experience but Newsham Asylum really does have it all and is a must for anyone who is fascinated with the paranormal.  To Book your place on one of our terrifying overnight ghost hunts Click Here