Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 29 April 2016

Haunted Happenings Ghost Hunters at Newsham Park Hospital Friday 29 April 2016

Another amazing night of excitement and intrigue at Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 29 April 2016! This fantastic building and its inhabitants just appear to give more and more each time we visit.

We began the night with our usual tour of the location to give our guests their first look at what they had let themselves in for, but to also help them get their bearings for the night ahead. As we began our initial walk around the spirits let us know that they were around us as equipment was activated, along with knocks and bangs. Stones were also thrown in G Wing. In the Laundry area we all heard 3 loud knocks on the adjoining door and in the Naughty boys’ corridor people were touched . We didn’t know at the time but this was to set the scene for the whole night ahead

Continue reading to discover what activity our guests reported during the ghost hunt at Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 29 April 2016.

Naughty Boys’ Corridor
During the vigils in the Naughty boys corridor a number of guests experienced the sensation of someone holding their hands and arms. A number of guests, whilst inside the rooms, standing in the corridor, heard knocking and tapping within the rooms themselves with knocks being given back on request both on the doors and walls. One group had the door on their room opened on a number of occasions by unseen hands whilst the group stood in front of the door in amazement. Table tipping was very strong with the table being thrown over a number of times and the Ouija board enabled us to speak not only to the Newsham spirits but also a number of guest who experience personal messages of comfort as their loved ones let them know they were looking over them

Ward G
Table tipping in ward G was just what the spirits needed to make themselves known to the guest. The tables were tipping, rocking and moving around the rooms very strongly. During the vigils a number of guests had their hair and faces touched by unseen hands along with blowing sensations across their faces. Glass work also proved very productive with a number of the guests able to speak to the spirits who had worked and been patients there with one strong male spirit who made his presence known. This spirit told us he was a Doctor who without going into details was not a nice person when he was alive especially to his staff and patients of the time. Even now his strong spirit and foul mouth and language just showed what sort of person he was.

Basement Laundry
During the vigils in the pitch black basement K2 meters spiked, along with a number of other object being activated on request by the guests. Whilst the guests held vigils in the rooms of the Basement corridor something could be heard to be thrown down the corridor outside along with a couple of strange noises that we couldn’t recreate. We decided to try using a spirit box along side the Alice box which gave us some really interesting results. When we asked the spirit box how they died it said “Infection” and when we asked where the Alice box said “Arm”. The Alice box was asked for a name and a word with a double letter in it and it gave both correctly

One of our sensitive guests sensed the spirit of an elderly male spirit walking around us with his walking frame. During our final vigil here one guests felt the sensation of hands around his neck and began to feel really angry and upset so much so that he had to leave the area.

A really amazing night of ghost hunting at Newsham Park Abandoned Hospital with interaction from the spirits right from the start to the end of the event A massive thank you to all our guests last night you were a fantastic group of people who got stuck in and made the night the huge success it was

You all went into this with an open mind and had such strong positive energy which gave us the great results. All the team remarked that it was an absolute pleasure to investigate with you all and hope to see you all again on your next Haunted Happenings investigation”. If you would like to book your place at the very haunted Newsham Park Orphanage and Abandoned Hospital, or any other ghost hunt, haunted weeekend or European Tour then please visit

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