Newsham Park Hospital Ghost Hunt – Saturday 21st May 2016

Read what happened at Newsham Park Hospital on 21st May 2016 during our Haunted Happenings Ghost Hunt.

Another really spooky night was had at the abandoned Newsham Park Hospital on 21st May 2016 in Liverpool. There were dozens of experiences through the night and for most groups, the Ouija Board and Table Tipping vigils were successful in the Laundry and Naughty Boys’ Corridor. What was very¬†interesting was that so many people felt sensations of being touched during this investigation.

In the basement, one gent felt something push his head forward as we stood in a circle for a vigil, others described the feeling of having their hair stroked and one lady felt someone stroke her ear (while everyone’s hands were held). Several people had their fingers touched as we carried out an experiment and in every case, this was on the right hand even though we didn’t compare until the experiment ended.

A figure was seen by one guest, bangs and footsteps were heard and the EMF meters registered some significant spikes during vigils in the basement and Ward G. We also witnessed EMF readings on the K2 meter in the Laundry, but this only happened once and it was just as we were about to leave the area.

In Ward G during one vigil, the Alice Box was used and there were words spoken which seemed to answer questions being asked by the team. On the top floor corridor, also known as the ‘Naughty Boys’ Corridor’ , guests heard noises from the far end where nobody was standing and some even went inside the cupboards themselves. While inside, one of the men became aware of somebody in the space next to him, but when he turned on his torch, there was nobody else there.

Newsham Park Hospital on 21st May 2016 was a night to remember for all the right reasons.

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