Newsham Park Hospital Ghost Hunt – Saturday 28 May 2016

Read what happened at Newsham Park Hospital on 28 May 2016 during our Haunted Happenings Ghost Hunt.

A much anticipated return to Newsham Park Hospital on 28 May 2016. The abandoned Asylum in Liverpool certainly lived up to expectations. After the initial tour of some of the areas we would be using later for Vigils, we split down into our teams for the night. The areas that we chose to focus on during the night were the old theatre area and the boarded up stage, The Naughty Boys’ Corridor and connecting ward, the Psych ward and the stores and kitchens.

Glass moving, table tipping and Ouija board vigils gave some interesting results. Contact was made with children and adults from the location along with a couple of personal spirits for guests. The stage area was particularly active with some very clear responsive knocks, in answer to several of our questions.

During free time the guests explored the building alone and some very interesting photos were taken. We will hopefully post them on this thread once we have had chance to clean them up.

During the night several people felt they had been touched. Others reported  icy-cold spots around them and some had a very strong feeling they were being watched. One even felt that somebody was standing close to them – too close for comfort in fact!

There were lots of other experiences reported by guests throughout the night. As Haunted Happenings visit this building so often, we are starting to see a pattern of activity forming in certain areas. We will never tell you in advance what you may experience on a ghost hunt at Newsham Park Hospital as we don’t want to place suggestion into your mind. However, as we notice familiar things occurring during the night, we try our best to let you know in the hope that we can work further with whoever is trying to make contact with us!

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