Spooky Nights Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 13th

SPOOKY NIGHTS Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 13th

“Spooky Nights at Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 13th – wow what an amazing place it just keeps sharing more and more!!”

As you stand outside Newsham Park Hospital and look up at this building,
you can’t even imagine what secrets and stories it has to tell. Join Spooky Nights ghost hunt events and discover its foreboding secrets

Built in the late 1800s as a seamen’s orphanage this fantastic building also welcomed orphans during World war I. It changed in the mid 1900s to become Newsham Park Hospital where it developed its own Psychiatric department and received an influx of patients. Closing its doors for the last time in the late 1990s, it stands today exactly as it was left all those years ago.

Read on to find out what activity was reported during the Spooky Night Ghost Hunt at Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 13th May 2016.

The area’s our Spooky Nights ghost hunters investigated during the night were:

  • The Laundry
  • G Wing
  • The Kitchens
  • The Naughty Boys’ Corridor

We began with a walk around the building showing our guests the areas that they would be investigating during the night. During this tour, knocks and bangs were heard around the rooms and a number of guests picked up on changes in the atmosphere and how the rooms felt different.

The Kitchen Area

In the kitchen area a number of our Spooky Nights guests were touched by unseen hands some of which happened after asking the spirits to do it, but more often without. Some of the equipment was activated and also switched on and off on request as a controlled test.
Knocking noises, scrapes and bangs were heard in the rooms off the corridors while our guest held lone vigils. Footsteps were also heard around the group as if the spirits were walking around and having a good look at us. The names Agnes and Bruce were sensed by one guest as haunting this area and a growl was also heard!

G Wing Ward

The Ouija board proved to be very productive in G wing with a number of spirits taking the
opportunity to speak to our guests and try and tell them their stories
Shadows were seen around the ward especially in the Day room which is certainly not uncommon
One guest felt very uneasy in the actually ward area being overcome with the feeling of sickness
The spirits that our guests had brought with them also took the opportunity to speak with two
personal messages coming through the board

The Laundry Area

All of our Spooky Nights guests commented on how dark this area was and the atmosphere felt thick and heavy. Glass moving vigils again proved very strong, with spirits of children from different areas of the building
now following our guests around and talking to them. One group conducted an experiment where they would hide their fingers and ask the spirits to move the glass to show how many fingers they were holding up. The answer was right every time!!!!! We did manage to speak to the spirit of the caretaker in the locker room, but he asked us to leave straight away so we obeyed his request.

Naughty Boys’ Corridor

Our guests all decided they would be brave and go into the tiny rooms on the corridor where the children
were made stay for hours on end as a punishment. While they sat in these tiny cupboards, scratching noises and tapping sounds were heard which seemed to come from inside and outside the rooms. We asked for the children to
come and play some games with us and these noises seemed to happen on request.

Some guests felt a tingling feeling on their hands and arms as we asked the children to hold our hands. Our guests decided they wanted to finish the night with a mass vigil in the old gym and chapel. Earlier in the night, in the Laundry area, one group had picked up on the spirit of a male who had died in the Gym area. During our final vigil, our medium for the evening picked up on this spirit even though our guests hadn’t disclosed this to anyone else during the night. The spirit was walking around the group, stopping and looking at a number of guests, who reported the feeling of being trapped.

This was another amazing night at Newsham Park Hospital on Friday 13th, with activity from the start to the end of the night. All of our guests came with an open mind and got stuck in with some going outside their comfort zones to get results. A massive thank you to you all as it was you who conducted the experiments and your energy that enabled
the spirits to talk to us all and made the night the huge success it was.

The team all commented on what a pleasure it had been and how much they had enjoyed investigating with you all. We certainly hope to see you all again on your next Haunted Happenings event. If you would like to book one of our Spooky Nights ghost hunts at Newsham Park Hospital on the next Friday 13th or any other date through the year, please see more information and availability here.

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